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The Better Metrics provides fractional FP&A expert services for growth-stage companies. 

Better financial visibility, better time-to-insights, better growth.

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More is not always better.


More KPIs can mean more confusion – and more misleading metrics. More reporting can mean more strain on already-overstretched finance teams. More topline growth-at-all-costs can mean putting more capital at risk than you realize. 
Our clients have achieved an average 45% annual revenue growth rate while needing zero dollars in unplanned, dilutive funding. 
Led by former PE/VC investors, experienced CFOs, and startup CEOs, our one-of-a-kind expertise, combined with our proven approach to FP&A enhancement, helps your team scale strategic financial capabilities, spot key trends sooner, gain tighter control of cash flows, and enable the continuous, cohesive planning your business needs to thrive.  Our solutions give you better


Expert FP&A for Growth-Stage Companies

We help execs To:

Prepare for board meetings and track "investor-standard" KPIs

Connect the dots between sales strategies and financial outcomes

Reduce cash burn and identify risks sooner

Improve exec team financial literacy and budgeting flexibility

Forecast more dynamically and update more frequently

Help overworked finance teams to do more with less

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With 10+ years of VC/PE investing and C-level operating experience, we help Founders, CEOs & CFOs reach better business outcomes.

Stop flying blind – let’s improve your financial visibility today.